2017 Farm Bill– no goats?

Do you believe it is time for the goat industry to receive research, funding and assistance from the U.S. Government? If you have ever fought off  barber pole worms with no success, today is the time to act. 
The goat industry is currently NOT included in the U.S. Farm Bill. You can help change that by sending your congressman a letter and help lobby for the research and funding that we desperately need.
I’m a big believer in self-care and advocating for oneself, and that includes my role in agriculture. We can sit around and moan all day about lack of goat research, off label medications, no marketing schemes, and so on. But WE are the ones who can effect change. 
Please read the attached document, Put Goats in Farm Bill.
You can copy and paste some or all of the text into an email to your US Congressional Rep and both of your Senators. Click here to find out how to contact your reps!
Also, consider joining the American Goat Federation.  For $30 per year, you can support the activities that can bring our ‘minor species’ its proper consideration.  Let’s work together to find solutions and promote goats!

2 thoughts on “2017 Farm Bill– no goats?

  1. Goat should be included for the same reason as pigs or cows they are a source of food some people’s only choice.

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