Here are upcoming events and chores for the ranch:

Aug 29–  Move Patches does to Maternity Ward with his does.

Sept 3– Pregnancy test Big Momma, Z2 and Hilda. Move non-pregnant does to Ozy in middle pasture.

Sept 5- Remove Ozy from Middle pasture and Patches from Mat Ward.

Sept 12- Send Sir Tommy to triangle/middle  and Tutone to the Mat Ward with their girls

Oct 1– Pregnancy test Ozy and Patches girls. If not related to Sir Tommy, send unpregnant does to Triangle.

Oct 22– CDT shots for Big Mom, Z2 and Hilda if pregnant.

October 28- removed does from Sir Tommy and Tutone. Return Tutone to the buck pen.

November 22— Expect Boer babies!

November 28– pregnancy test Sir Tommy and Tutone does.

December 3- CDT the does found pregnant on October 8.

December 21-Expect Ozy babies. Pregnancy test second round breeding does.

December 28- Expect Patches babies.

January 14- CDT shots for does pregnant November 28

February 14- Expect babies from Sir Tommy and Tutone!