Kids receive CDT shots at 8 and 12 weeks of age.

During pregnancy, does receive CDT one month before expected kidding date.

On day of kidding, does are dewormed.

May- Yearling does and bucks receive first Chlamydia vax and overall health check

June- Yearling does, breeding does and all bucks receive Chlamydia vax, copper bolus, and overall health check, including hooves, teeth, overall condition.

Meningeal Worm- Meningeal worm per Troy Lohman
Day 1 15cc Cydectin pour on-drenched, 5cc Dex 5cc Banamine.
Day 2: 3cc Cydectin morning & nite for 7days drenched
Day 3-5 & 7 5cc Dex & Banamine.