SEV Tommy Traveler

This buckling is developing a stocky build and has a nice laid-back Sir Tommy demeanor. His dam is one of our Peppy girls who has provide twins every year, quietly and without fuss. Definitely not a drama goat. He has Sir Tommy’s face and build as well.

At 78 days, he showed 0.35 ADG, at 36 pounds. He is American Purebred and will bring parasite resistance and meat to your farm. Oh, and some color, too!

Traveler participated in the inaugural Langston Forage and Feed test in 2019. Due to complications at the test, it ran pretty long and he was in full rut during the feed portion! However, he demonstrated his immunity well, first by not dying from Salmonella like many bucklings at the test. Second, he maintained a packed cell volume of 29 during the intentional parasite challenge in the barn and was in the top quarter of bucks for overall immunity which used packed cell volume and fecal egg count. He was ranked 34 out of 156 on the pasture phase of the test for packed cell volume and fecal egg count and was NOT dewormed. He was ranked 34 on ADG in the pasture.

Priced at $450, which includes registration and DNA verification.

Double S Kikos Goatzz

Rancho Asno Blanco Goatzz