DDF Powder Keg comes to us from Da’did Farm in Washington State, by way of the inaugural Langston Forage & Feed Test in 2019, which ended up lasting six months instead of three! He is the result of a long line of proven genetics. His pedigree includes TNT Shazam, RMC Showdown, Mr Speckles and TNT Butter Rum. 

Powder Keg was judged against 171 other young bucks, where he ranked number 6 in average daily gain on the pasture portion of the test, and ranked 11 on the packed cell volume/fecal egg count in the pasture phase. He ranked 34th on the feed portion of the test. Cannot wait to get the final feed efficiency info in January! This was one of the toughest buck tests in many years, so doing well was a feat! He’s got a wide front and a full thigh and we can’t want to watch him fill out!

We are grateful to Pam and David Sneed for letting us bring this big boy home! Expect to see his kids in Fall 2020.