ROC Ozymandias is the senior Kiko herdsire on our ranch. Born November 24, 2013, “Ozy” has shown true Kiko adaptability. He’s never needed deworming and he is a hit with the does. He carries some older genetics from Goats Unlimited.  To date, he has sired 54 kids with average birth weight of 6.3 for the 35 kids born in 2017. His kids are vigorous from the get-go, aggressive nursers and foragers.

We retained one of his first doelings, SEV Ava’s Miss Kitty, from 2015. She is a crossbred doe, half Kiko, half Boer. She twinned in December with a boy and a girl. She did not lose condition and remained a famacha of 1 throughout her nursing.